How to store and manage fertilizer

Fertilizer management is not as simple as it looks. Proper storage and housekeeping practices are vital to the quality of the fertilizer.

People must know that fertilizer can be dangerous if you do not use a proper safety clothes during operation. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is vital when handling fertilizer.  Always ensure:


  1. chemical goggles;
  2. pants;
  3. gloves;
  4. and safety shoes are worn considering that fertilizer can be corrosive.

Fertilizer is temperature sensitive and needs to be stored in an enclosed and secure warehouse to protect the product from weather, animals and risk of theft. Exposure to weather can damage your fertilizer and can affect the efficacy of your product.

Tips for fertilizer warehouse:

  • a concrete floor, always kept dry;
  • ensure all emergency equipment is easily accessible;
  • train your employees on safety regulations and use of safety equipment;
  • keep your warehouse clear of flammable substances;
  • a high roof will assist with ventilation;
  • limit the height of the fertilizer bags piles. Higher piles of fertilizer bags can become unstable and collapse;
  • never store bulk fertilizer near incompatible products

A vital aspect of fertilizer management is to ensure your product is never mixed until it is blended.

To manage your blending facility effectively you need to ensure accuracy of the blend as well as meeting the client’s needs. In order to meet your clients’ needs you need to ensure that your blend recipes are correctly formulated. Facilities and operations vary greatly in terms of size, formulas and capacity, so all fertilizer machines are custom made according to clients’ needs.

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