Maintenance of your fertilizer warehouse and machines

As fertilizer is very sensitive to weather, daily maintenance of the equipment is vital to a smooth efficient operation. Here we share some advices and tips on how you can maintain your fertilizer business:

  1. Team: It is important to have a daily team planning meeting:
    1. Stock count must be performed before the start of every shift;
    2. Problems will be raised and a plan implemented;
    3. Best practices.
  2. Housekeeping: an often overlooked function
    1. The floor must be kept clean throughout the shift;
    2. Tractors and other equipment must be cleaned every day when operation is finished, fertilizer is corrosive;
    3. The storage area of bagged fertilizer has to be dry and organized to maintain the quality of fertilizer.
  3. Safety: is everyone’s responsibility
    1. All shifts should start with a Toolbox safety talk where employees are reminded of the importance of safety;
    2. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) can be handed out and checked;
    3. Any new risks that have been identified should also be communicated to employees.
  4. Machines: Look after your equipment:
    1. At the start of the shift equipment checklists will need to be completed and signed off and filed;
    2. Checklists are a proactive management of maintenance and allow us to be aware of small faults as they occur;
    3. Keep your fertilizer machine always clean.

These simple steps will ensure that each day starts correctly.

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