Our Journey

70’s - Early Years

At this time, Fred Coelho already had a few years of experience with top colour sorting equipment manufacturer and also in processing plants for agriculture industry.

1984 - Bringing worlds together

Fred Coelho travels through Africa and works to bring together foreign investments and African development stakeholders in coffee and other grains.

1998 - Bagtech

Bagtech is founded by Fred Coelho in Durban, South Africa.

2000 - Fertina management system

Development of the warehouse management system consolidating stock and all operation offered to customers.

2002 - Growing Strong

Bagtech expands its management of operations around South Africa.

2005 - Festo Partnership

The partnership fosters new innovation and pushes the bounds of what traditional equipment can do.

2008 - Servo

In the never-ending quest for better equipment Bagtech International develops a servo radial gate as a more reliable and effective alternative for regulating the flow rates of free flowing solids.

2011 - Export

Starting to export equipment to Mozambique to supply automated & container equipment to port operations in Beira.

2013 - ISO 9001 & OHSAS 18001 certified

2014 - Bagtech Rebooted

A brand new Bagtech brand focused on offering products & services for the fertilizer industry.

2016 - Kenya

Toyota Tsusho the first modern fertilizer blending plant in Kenya is supplied and commissioned by Bagtech to boost the production of farmers in the area.

2016 - Workshop

A production workshop is set up to fabricate equipment.

2017 - Partnership with Sackett Waconia

Bagtech partners with the longest established fertilizer processing equipment manufacturer in the world to extend the reach of both companies.

2018 - Nigeria

Bagtech’s first bagging and blending plant.

2019/20 - Landing in a new Continent: Asia.

2020 - Expansion of horizons

First blending plant in South America, Brazil

2021 - Bagtech Virtual Commissioning

A new way of working at a distance commissioning machines

2021 - Bagtech win the "Tech Innovation in Agriculture

Award which recognizes its technology adds value to the fertilizer industry